Skate Parks in New York City

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Inspect the page for more information about skate parks in New York City. You can view the locations on the map to find skate parks in New York City. There are different types of skate parks in New York City and they have their own rules. A number of skate parks have regulations under Department of Parks and Recreation.

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If you find a skate park in New York City that is regulated by the Department of Parks and Recreations and you want to skate there, you have to get a waiver. There are specific rules for some of the clubs: you have to have and wear a helmet while you are skating being the first one. Most skate parks in New York City are supervised so that people would follow the rules. You can find skate parks in New York City that are outdoor and indoor, of course, if the weather is not so good, it’s advised to use indoor ones.

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