Pools in New York City

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In this page you can look through the collected information about pools in New York City. If you want to have a swim, but you don’t want to go to the beach, you can go to one of the pools in New York City, especially if it’s winter season. View the map to find a pool in New York City.

Map Bird`s eye

There are different kinds of pools in New York City: you can find kiddies’ pools, pools with or without slides, dog pools and many more. Not all of the pools in New York work all year long – usually the outdoor pools are closed after the first Monday in September (Labor Day) and opened again on the last Monday of May (Memorial Day). After finding a pool in New York City you should also check their opening and closing times, as pools usually don’t work all the time. If you are having problems with swimming, you can find a pool in New York City which gives free lessons.

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