Parking in New York City

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In this page you can view what information has been collected about parking in New York City. With lots of traffic and traffic jams, it might not be the best for going around in cars as it might be difficult to find parking in New York City. But if you still want to take you car more than taking the bus, it’s a good idea to check New York City parking map for the locations you’re heading to. Finding parking in New York City might be a complicated task, but you can always check yourself with the provided map.

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There are different spots of parking in New York City – some of them might be free and some of them can be more expensive – especially if they are around the center, but you can see all of them in the provided New York City parking map. When you find parking in New York City, it’s important to park the car properly as if you don’t you might get a fine. Sometimes the rules of parking in New York City change, but you should check the Department of Transportation to know for sure. If you don’t want to leave your car on the street, you can also find garages on the New York City parking map where you can park the car.

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