Outdoors & Recreation in New York City

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In the page you can see where you can find outdoor recreation in New York City. There can be different types of outdoor recreation: you can find parks, you can go kayaking, swim in the lakes in the summer and more. You can also find places where you can go hiking as well. If you want to find the locations of outdoor recreation in New York City, just view the map.

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Some people like to go and have fun inside, but there are a lot of people who are more outdoorsy. If you are such person who likes to go outside and have fun, you can check the outdoor recreation in New York City. In the page you can find what activities are listed for you so you can go and have some fun. Check the map to see which locations are closer to you. You can also see whether some outdoors and recreation activities are listed that you’ve never tries. Now is your chance to do that.

New York boroughs: