Middle Schools in New York City

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If you want to know more about middle schools in New York City you have come to the right place. The map you are currently viewing is a middle school map in New York City. If you want to view locations of middle schools in one of the boroughs or zip code on the middle schools map in New York, you can zoom in or select the place you want in the dropdown menu above the map.

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There are a lot of different middle schools in New York City. Sometimes they are connected with high schools or elementary schools so that children wouldn’t have to switch schools. Choosing one good middle school in New York City might seem like a hard task as they are so diverse: national, international public or private with different programs for children. But perhaps you can view the top 10 middle schools in New York City – maybe that kind of list might help you to decide? Otherwise, you can just view the middle schools map in New York City.

New York boroughs: