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Place I Live is a location based platform giving more insights about neighborhoods. The website provides information about safety, transportation and more through Life Quality Index rating and maps with street view, coordinates and zip codes. Here you can see the comprehensive accumulated data about New York City which helps making smart decisions not only about everyday life (locating supermarkets, restaurants and more), but also deciding about real estate lease, rent or sale. In the website you can not only find the New York map with zip codes, but you can also see what the tourist attractions are that you can visit or recommend to your friends. New York map is also equipped with districts, directions and complete address lists.

New York City has the biggest population in United States (it has 8,2 million people - more than 39 states in USA). Surprisingly, it is not the capital of New York state, but it is much more known. It is usual associated with fashion, finance, media, research, technology, education and entertainment. In the New York map you can find not only where to go in New York City, but also find information about boroughs, streets and needed locations or routes. While viewing New York map you can easily find where to stay in New York City and what to visit during your time here. And if you are already staying here, you can see the life quality index of the place you live rate it yourself along with the street and neighborhood and compare it with your friends’ house index.

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New York City, which in its beginning was known as New Amsterdam, has five boroughs – Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Queens and Staten Island. All of these you can also find in the New York map with their address lists and zip codes. What is more, you can have full lists of museums, restaurants, schools, supermarkets and other locations you need to find. With a quick view to the New York map, you can know about all good places in your street, borough and New York City whose skyscrapers compare only to Honk Kong. Even though, these days it is known as one of the safest cities in the USA, the Life Quality Index is different in various parts of the city. Be sure to check and rate the place you live to have even better information about your neighborhood.

New York boroughs: