Libraries in New York City

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Examine the page for information about libraries in New York City. If you want a quiet place to study or just pick out what you want to read next, New York’s libraries are great for that. Next time you want to study in New York libraries, but you don’t know where it is, just view this map of libraries for the locations.

Map Bird`s eye

World’s third largest library is in New York City – it’s New York Public Library which has 87 branches. If you are looking where you can get the aura of knowledge that would be the place, of course you can check other New York libraries as well. Even if you might need or want to stay in the library until late night, libraries in New York City have closing times – they don’t work 24 hours. That’s why it’s important to check their closing and opening times of the libraries in New York City, so you would know when you can go there. Also, check the map of libraries to know where to go.

New York boroughs: