Crime in New York City

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Place I Live allows you to view timely data concerning various neighborhoods in cities. If you are considering which area is safer or which community is better, you can view the map and Life Quality Index ratings in order to get a better background.

The page can give you more information about crimes in New York City. The city is proud to have a declining crime rate, so you can feel safe as there should be little or no crime near you. There are still of course petty crimes in New York City left like mugging. They are especially common in areas with a lot of tourists. You can view the list of crimes in New York City by using the convenient crime map.

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With little crime in New York City, it now has one of the lowest crime rates in USA. It is considered to be one of the ten safest cities in USA so you can be sure that there isn’t a big list of crimes in your area. That is also why the crime map doesn’t show a lot of them. The crime map is colored according to how many crimes happened in the area, so you can see which area is the safest with the least crimes in New York City. By using the mp you can see whether there is a lot of crime near you.

New York boroughs: