Bus Stops in New York City

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View the bus stop map to find your bus stop in New York City. Public transport and especially buses is a popular way of going around the city. If you are struggling with finding your bus stop in New York City, just view the map.

Map Bird`s eye

Find your bus stop in New York City by looking for a tall round sign with a bus logo and route number. If you want to be sure, just look at the bus stops map. Buses go in different times, so it can be from 15 minutes to 1 hour to wait for it. Especially if there’s a bus shelter or bus stops map which shows the route, so you can study where you need to go. When you find your bus in New York City you should know the prices: $2.50 for buses, $6 for express buses which don’t have so many stops. You can pay by cash if you want, or you can use a Metrocard which allows transfer buses and subway. Buses are accessible for people in wheelchairs. Bus stops map and be sure where to get off.

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