Life Quality Index (LQI)

You want to know what is the best place to live. With the Life Quality Index, or LQI, we make it a lot easier to decide which place is better to live.

The LQI is calculated by combining all our data on transportation, safety, health, affordability, entertainment, demographics, leisure and other essentials for everyday life. All our data comes from very reliable sources, like the MTA, NYPD, Google, Socrata, Foursquare and the U.S. Census to offer you the best information to find the right place to live.

Battery Park City-Lower Manhattan neighborhood guide, map with streets, list of place addresses, location view (New York City)

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Official statistics

96 / Good


You want to be free to go wherever you want, when you want. So in our LQI we use all the available data on public transport, taxi services, parking places and the distance to the city center or the next borough when calculating the livability of a place.

63 / Average

Daily Life

Life is all about the small things, so if you have everything you need nearby, then that is a great plus! When we calculate the Daily Life for the LQI, we take everything into account. Ranging from the distance to the nearest convenience stores and places of worship to Wi-Fi Hotspots and financial services.

82 / Good


You want to feel safe in your new home, so in the LQI you will be able to find all our data on crime levels and the nearest police and fire stations for that particular place.

46 / Average


Health is important to us all. In the LQI we include everything related to your well-being: the proximity to health and medical facilities, but also pollution levels, the proximity you live to busy truck routes or factories, and even the number of noise complaints.

94 / Good

Sports and Leisure

When you have time off, you want to relax and have fun. So the closer to sport facilities, beauty salons and spas, running tracks and interesting places, the better.

97 / Good


Let’s face it, what would life be without restaurants, bars, cafes, museums and other entertainment venues? That’s why we include it in our LQI.

95 / Good


We use data on demographics to calculate our Life Quality Index. We all want to feel welcome in our community and at home in our neighborhood. Things like average income, education levels, and poverty index are all taken into account to create the LQI.

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Place I Live is a practical tool for viewing information about neighborhoods. On the maps with address lists and Life Quality Index ratings you can analyze the data about leisure, daily life and more.
This part of the map is devoted to Battery Park City-Lower Manhattan area in New York City. You can view the provided location lists to help you decide not only about what to do during evenings and weekends, but also about daily life, for example where to park your bicycle in Battery Park City-Lower Manhattan area, find a bus stop and more.

Map Bird`s eye

View the Battery Park City-Lower Manhattan area to get to know the neighborhood a little more. You can zoom in on various streets and houses and examine their given data. By viewing the map you can also find some interesting things to do in the area and have some fun or cultural activities. In case you don’t find anything engaging in Battery Park City-Lower Manhattan area, you can broaden your search and view other zip code areas, boroughs and other places in New York City.

Streets with the highest LQI in Battery Park City-Lower Manhattan:

Community reviews

COMMENTS ABOUT Battery Park City-Lower Manhattan
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Laurel Kenner5 years ago
I moved here seven years ago from the east side. The river views and the parks and piers are great. Sometimes I miss being closer to uptown museums and Lincoln Center. I had to give up going to my tennis club, and the lack of daily exercise is a downer because I'm not a runner.

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